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Why choose Easy Care Tree Service?

Yes. There are significant differences in tree service companies just like there are in any other service industry. In our industry, it is always a dangerous situation when tree trimming or tree removals are taking place and working with a company that has 20+ years of tree experience is paramount to having your project accomplished in a safe fashion. We have the right equipment, the right team and the right processes taking place that ensure your tree trimming or tree removal project will be completed at the highest levels of safety.

Hurricanes, Tropical Storms & High Winds

Our 24/7 Hotline is always open for your call. We are a family owned and operated professional tree service that is dedicated to emergency tree service relief. We know and understand that storms can create stress and our job is to alleviate that stress and take care of you in times of difficulties. We want to do your work right, and then know you will refer you family and friends to our business.
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